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MLB and me

Over the past couple of years, I began following major league baseball more closely primarily because Mr Shell is an avid fan. Initially, baseball never really held my attention because I have always considered it an American game and I did not know anyone who followed it. At one point, I had tendencies to confuse strikes with balls. Nevertheless, Mr Shell has provided me with all the information I needed and I actually enjoy watching the game.

By default, I cannot help but always root for the Blue Jays, the only Canadian team left. It feels a little weird cheering for a team I am not completely familiar with yet the departure of the Expos (I’ve actually seen them play against the Mets once) removed all my options. Thus, it’s inevitable. The Canadian in me will always have a spot for the Jays. On the other hand, Mr Shell is a huge Red Sox fan, which means that I am also a Red Sox fan. To some this may appear to be an issue of autonomy. To me? It’s my way of supporting him on something that he loves. Relationships are about give and take. With regards to this matter, I am more than happy to be doing the giving.

With the present World Series ongoing, I hope the Phillies win because I see them as the underdog even though they are the reigning champions. I perceive them as underdogs because the Yankees have some of the best players their money can buy. In a way, it would be like the Yankees bought the World Series instead of actually winning it. Then again, this is how professional sports is like. Talent = money = champion. Team with the most money will have the most championships. What a faulty system.


Sports….sports…and more sports

Majority of my evenings these past couple of weeks have been occupied by the NBA and NHL playoffs. I was following my hockey team and the last Cdn team left in the playoffs: the Vancouver Canucks. Despite never having won the Stanley Cup, I, like many fans, hope season after season that the team will eventually make it. Unfortunately, the Canucks lost to the Blackhawks on game 6. I actually thought they might force a game 7 especially since Luongo was playing really well. Oh well, there’s always next season. Sidenote…I still cannot believe that Sundin is not a Maple Leaf anymore.

The NBA playoffs have been thrilling to say the least and it has not come close to ending just yet. Game 7 on Sunday for the Magic and Celtics for the East and the Lakers and Rockets for the West. I’m picking the Celtics to face the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference Finals. The Western Conference Finals is hard to gauge though. Like many individuals, I thought the Rockets’ chances were over the minute Yao Ming became injured. Of course, much to everyone’s surprise they crushed the Lakers the next game. During the first half in tonight’s game, I thought they might repeat the trampling again. It wasn’t a terrible beating, but the Rockets did win to force a game 7. I just hope that both games will not be blowouts on Sunday. How awesome would it be to have seats to these games!

Random sidenote: Barkley fully did not do 30 proper push-ups. It was amusing watching the push-up contest though.


NFC Champs!!!

Superbowl here we come!!!

A bittersweet victory though as Mr Shell is an Eagles fan and I am a McNabb fan. I just hope they won’t release him.

Random sidenote: I can’t believe I waited this long to use Google Reader. I ❤ Google Reader.


NFC championship sans me

It was an awesome weekend for the NFL playoffs. Cardinals vs Eagles for the NFC championships!!! I want to go sooooooooooooo bad, but because of school I would not be able to. Mr Shell is going and I have to admit I’m jealous. I do not think this match up can be replicated next year. To make matters worse, I cannot even watch it. I’m at the university all day on Sunday. I am one unhappy camper!


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