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After my schedule was  engulfed by plane rides and school during the entire month of September, I commemorate my return to blogging with pics from my trip to the Motherland. There are stories to tell, of course, and I will unravel them in my future posts. For now, here some of the pics…

A coastline pic as we were driving by a small town

Driving on one of the rural highways

A parked jeepney, the primary mode of public transportation in the country

I was told that this is a very rare occurrence

Garden grotto

A pretty flower from the garden

Lastly, it’s not a trip to the Motherland without having one of their delicacies – lechon aka roasted pig


Gratuitous Pet Pics

Simon has been a member of our family for 5 months now.

At times, he is camera shy.

So I have to wait until he passes out…

I have a lot of pictures of him sleeping…hehe.


Intro to Simon

Simon has been adjusting well. Surprisingly, he has not had any accidents (#1 and #2) in the apartment yet. He’s really good at letting us know that he needs to be walked. Actually, on the first day he farted (twice!) while we were sitting watching tv. We had to rush walk him right then and there. He pooped relieved himself at the first patch of grass he saw. He still needs to be trained on properly walking on a leash and he is still learning that he can’t jump on the bed. He is a very sweet dog and we’re very happy we adopted him 🙂  Also, we determined that he is a Chihuahua-MinPin mix.

sleepy Simon on the couch

cozy Simon

cozy Simon

Simon asleep during 24

Simon asleep during 24


Friday the 13th

My Mom is one of those people who staunchly believes in the superstition behind Friday the 13th. Every time it happens she bombards me with her anxiety for my safety. Over the years, I have learned to give her the occassional grunts of acknowledgement as previous attempts of dissuading her were futile. One has to learn to pick their battles. Today (Friday) is “call Mom day” for me so this morning, I was feeling pangs of trepidation. Maybe she won’t get too carried away this year. Nevertheless, I decided to make muffins to calm me down before I call her. I used this muffin mix from Williams-Sonoma that has been sitting in the cupboard for a few months now. I haven’t tried any of their mixes before so I was a little excited.

Much like other muffin mixes, it was pretty straightforward. Water and eggs were all that was needed. I did add real bananas to the mixture to enhance the flavour. It only took about 20 minutes for each batch of eight muffins. In the end, it yielded a dozen muffins. Also, it is worth noting that there was a significant amount of walnuts in the mix which is quite impressive. After less than an hour, I had moist banana-nut muffins for breakfast. Although in hindsight, I should’ve added chocolate chips.


I Miss You P

This photoset on Flickr was featured on Digg. I am a huge fan of pet pictures; however, I now regret checking it. A year ago, I had to give up my P. I still miss him. I hope he’s doing well.

This is my favourite P picture.


Cellphone Transition

My introduction to the QWERTY keyboard was the first version of the Motorola Q. Other than the keyboard, it was a disappointing phone. Much like the Windows experience, it either froze or crashed when too many applications are open. It even froze from just handling msn messenger all day. Also, typical to the Motorola brand, the battery life was atrocious. I stuck with it for slightly over a year with hopes that updates will fix it. It never did. Luckily, I moved so that was the end of my horrific Q experience.

The move to Sun City ended up costing more than expected so getting a new cellphone was out of reach for the first few months. I settled for my US phone, which had the regular keyboard. I had to get accustomed to regular texting again. Chatting on it was even very tedious. To make matters worse, I spilled water on it so it encountered reception problems. I needed a new phone soon.

Finally, I managed to lay my Nokia to rest. I was tempted by the Samsung touchtone phone as it looked so sleek and stylish yet I opted for the Blackberry Curve  8330 8320. I contemplated waiting for the release of the new Curve (8900), but realized that I cannot bear to spend that much money on it. I checked out reviews comparing both models and the primary advantages of the 8900 are the higher resolution screen and a slightly faster processor. Neither of these sold me on spending the extra $$$. I did splurge on a skin though.

So far, I am very impressed with the simplicity and ease of use of the Blackberry. The fact that it picks up wifi is an added plus. I’m actually a little upset with myself for waiting this long to try it. I should’ve just skipped the Moto all together. Now, I’m in the process of adding applications such as Google Reader. I can’t wait!



I’m not a very outdoorsy person; however, I do like to go hiking on trails. There’s a sense of serenity that overcomes me when I’m away from the city and alone with my thoughts. Unfortunately, the journey did not induce any epiphanies. Nevertheless, it was very soothing to my soul.

nice view of the city:

view of downtown:

close-up shot of downtown:

the mountains:


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