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I remember taking the MBTI for the very first time. As a second year student who partied a little too hard during her freshman year, I decided to avail of the services offered by the university counseling centre. My main reason? I wanted to ensure that I was on the right path. I typically do not make any rushed decisions; however, I am merely human and succumb to certain doubts every now and again. The code I received at that time was INTJ.

A few years later, I had to take it again for my career counseling class. At first, I forgot that I had already taken the assessment before and it was not until I began writing my paper that I remembered. I admit that my interest was beyond piqued in learning that I went from INTJ to INTP. The consistency of the first three codes showed me its reliability in action yet I was more interested on how I have changed from a moderate score in the judging scale to a slight score in the perceiving end. It seems that my temperament shifted from being organized, with a focus on planning to having a slightly flexible and spontaneous approach to life. Of course, having a slight perceiving score really means that I sway between both sides, but I can’t help and wonder what possible events in my life led to the shift. Maybe my perceiving side was suppressed all these years that it took a few years of independently living by myself before it surfaced. Could it be a specific event that was under the radar yet significant enough to swing the pendulum? The thinker in me can’t help but dwell a little bit on this anomaly. It’s so fascinating to me. In the end, the question becomes which temperament do I associate more now. I would have to say…the perceiving. I still like to ponder my future and make plans, but, at the same time, I have more than 1 plan every time in case life happens. I guess the flexibility that accompanied my maturity allowed me to become less rigid and be more prepared for life and whatever it throws at me.


Really…I’m back


– Traveled to the Motherland and spent a glorious yet exhausting two weeks there.

– A couple of days later, Fall classes began. I was immediately back to the grind.

– A few days later, I was offered a TA position and I accepted. I started the very next day.

– Paper number 1: personal career development paper. I had to integrate my codes. I began thinking and questioning (a little) my choice to enter current career track. It did not show up on ANY of my assessments. Surprisingly, physiotherapy continuously surface. I say surprisingly because, back in high school, my hockey obsessed self yearned to be Pavel Bure’s personal physiotherapist. Yes, what was I thinking! He doesn’t even play anymore…hahaha.

– Desperately seeking volunteer client. I struggled to arrange a session with my friend, the volunteer client of choice.

– In the midst of paper number 1 and volunteer client, I decided to get my very first flu shot. Since I volunteer at a hospital, I deemed it wise to choose this time to be my first time. Plus, it was free and the nurse kinda cornered me while I was volunteering.

– Three days later, I experienced for the first time in my life…the flu. I officially had the flu. Instead of celebrating a friend’s birthday, I was stuck at home switching from tshirt to sweater every two minutes and having my voice disappear and reappear an hour later. It was not a pleasant experience and I really really really do not want to get the flu again.

– Due to the unexpected visit from the flu virus, I was unable to schedule a time with my volunteer client so I opted to do it with Mr Shell, who was not very thrilled about it. He has a slight aversion to assessments. Thus, the very first day I felt better, I had an hour mock intake session with Mr Shell.

– With the assessments scored, paper number 2 was in progress.

– This brings us to the present day. I have more room to blog anymore. I am feeling recovered from the flu and in a way, I am back in business. In essence, the mundane and random rants I typically fill my blog with will be on its regular schedule once more.

Now, if only I can catch up on my Google Reader feeds. *sigh*



After my schedule was  engulfed by plane rides and school during the entire month of September, I commemorate my return to blogging with pics from my trip to the Motherland. There are stories to tell, of course, and I will unravel them in my future posts. For now, here some of the pics…

A coastline pic as we were driving by a small town

Driving on one of the rural highways

A parked jeepney, the primary mode of public transportation in the country

I was told that this is a very rare occurrence

Garden grotto

A pretty flower from the garden

Lastly, it’s not a trip to the Motherland without having one of their delicacies – lechon aka roasted pig


Hectic Week

Ever since my parents have decided to take me to the MotherLand with them, my schedule suddenly became chaotic. Instead of my usual allocation of one week of relaxation and tv binging, I had to ensure that all my ducks are in a straighter than straight row before I take off to another country – books purchased, documents signed, faxed, and mailed, specific toiletries acquired, tickets bought. I have to admit that my brain has been on overdrive since this trip was finalized.

In addition to it all, Mr Shell and I attended his bestfriend’s wedding over the weekend which essentially occupied Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Needless to say, I am anxious, antsy, excited, and overwhelmed. I tried to blog three times over the week and they all ended in nothingness. My thoughts are so scrambled that I can barely get them down on paper the computer. This is one of those times I wish I know how to meditate. Maybe the hum of the plane propellers tomorrow will soothe me.


How True

Courtesy of PHD Comics:


Girly Friday

I have sensitive, combination skin and I realized that I have not really encountered any blogs that addressed this issue. Recommendations are always either for sensitive skin or combination skin, but both skin types together are never discussed. Since puberty, I have spent a good chunk of my life experimenting and combining different face products always with the hopes of achieving the unattainable perfect regimen. Of course, this does not exist due to many factors; however, having a semblance of a regimen allows me to adjust accordingly without creating damage to my skin. With the lack of information on the web, I decided to share my regimen and maybe it will help someone out there seeking one of their own.

Here is a list of the products that I use (with pictures).

Face Wash:

AM – Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash in pink grapefruit foaming scrub

– I love the smell and the scrub feels great on the skin.

PM – Avene Cleanance Gel

– The perfect cleanser for removing makeup. There was never any makeup residue on my makeup pad when applying my toner after cleansing with this gel.


AM – Lancome Pure Focus Toner

– Shine no more. Sun City really tested this toner’s ability to control and mattify. It really works plus it makes my pores less visible.

PM – T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Toner

– Since the face wash I use has salicylic acid, I opted for a natural and effective toner. It doesn’t dry out my skin. There is a downside though; it has a strong smell. It took some time before I got used to the smell.


AM – Lancome Aqua Fusion Tinted Moisturizer Spf 15

–  The only moisturizer with spf that does not irritate my skin. It also comes without tint, but I prefer the tinted moisturizer since I do not usually wear makeup.

PM – Avene Cleanance K

– Perfect for controlling blemishes and blackheads. Some people say it stings, but I noticed that ever since I used my toner the sting is gone. I think it stings only when it is used with other face products with a high percentage of salicylic acid.

Exfoliating Scrub

– St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control (once a week). I adore this scrub. I tried the more expensive scrubs before and they do not compare to the way this makes my skin feel. It’s awesome.

Questions and comments are welcome 🙂


That Cultural Thang

A couple of weeks ago my Mom informed me that she wants me to go to the MotherLand with them to visit my Grandfather because of his deteriorating health. And up until yesterday, it seemed that it may be difficult for me to make this trip. Even though my advisor secured all the documents that I need to travel, my schedule was still pretty hectic to accommodate the trip. However, as if the universe really wanted this to happen, my scheduled 5 day trip to Texas was cancelled last minute. Neere confirmed yesterday that we will not be attending their family reunion anymore. As a result, it seems that what was once an almost unattainable trip is now definitely possible. I spoke to my Mom earlier tonight and she confirmed it. I will be going to visit the MotherLand.

Normally, I would be excited at this point. Who wouldn’t want to visit a tropical country, see family, and surround themselves with their culture? Sadly, I am feeling conflicting emotions. A part of me is excited and happy that I have the chance to see my grandparents and relatives again after so many years yet another part of me is feeling anxious about how I will be perceived when I am there.

I am concerned about not being able to communicate properly to my family. I have full comprehension of my parents’ dialect; however, I am the farthest thing from fluent in their dialect. It also won’t be a surprise if questions about my education will surface. In their world, I am supposed to done school and be a working adult by now or worse already be a doctor, engineer, nurse, teacher, dentist, architect, lawyer, judge, or accountant by now (since other careers don’t really exist for them). I dread having to explain myself.

Then there’s my appearance. I mentioned in a previous post about how my family is weight-centric and now I am heading towards the core of the cultural obsession with weight. Yes, this is creating some anxiety inside me. Unfortunately, I have not been able to shed the weight I gained late last year which only means one thing….I will not just be fat in their eyes…I will be REALLY fat. It bothers me that I care about what they think. It also saddens me that this is even an issue. Ever since I was young, I never fit the tiny Asian mold. Apparently, my parents grabbed a mold from the wrong cabinet, but they kept me and loved my shape as much as they could muster. I can’t really blame my family as it is the culture that shaped their views. Just my luck that being an Asian female equates to a very narrow range of acceptable weights.

So there I will be…Foreign and Fat.

*sigh* I really need to prepare myself for this.


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