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After my schedule was  engulfed by plane rides and school during the entire month of September, I commemorate my return to blogging with pics from my trip to the Motherland. There are stories to tell, of course, and I will unravel them in my future posts. For now, here some of the pics…

A coastline pic as we were driving by a small town

Driving on one of the rural highways

A parked jeepney, the primary mode of public transportation in the country

I was told that this is a very rare occurrence

Garden grotto

A pretty flower from the garden

Lastly, it’s not a trip to the Motherland without having one of their delicacies – lechon aka roasted pig


Alone with Il Divo

Back in March, I found out the date for the Il Divo concert in Sun City. I immediately considered going as I have always wanted to see them. Unfortunately, being in a new city I was not sure  if I could find someone to go with. The first person that popped in my head was Rio, a friend from school. He agreed to go, but he didn’t really appear to be as excited as I was so I had my reservations. Three months later, I got to know him better and discovered that he is not the type of person I would ever be good friends with so I decided to cancel the initial plan. I did attempt to find another friend who would want to see Il Divo with me. Sadly, they either do not like Il Divo or they never even heard of them. I was back to my original position – no one to go with to the concert.

I tried to forget about it, but as the date approached I started mulling over it again. Then Mr Shell suggested that I should just go by myself. My initial reaction was shock. I never even considered this option. Mr Shell acknowledged my indecision and even offered to accompany me despite the fact that he does not listen to Il Divo. I would not feel comfortable subjecting him to something he has no interest in. After much internal deliberation, I decided to attempt this endeavour alone. I have never done something like this so what can I lose? In terms of cons, there really is none unless one is so utterly pressured to conform by societal norms and expectations. Of course, I would prefer to share this experience with a fellow fan; however, things happen for a reason and I welcome this new experience. C’est la vie!



I’m not a very outdoorsy person; however, I do like to go hiking on trails. There’s a sense of serenity that overcomes me when I’m away from the city and alone with my thoughts. Unfortunately, the journey did not induce any epiphanies. Nevertheless, it was very soothing to my soul.

nice view of the city:

view of downtown:

close-up shot of downtown:

the mountains:


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