Really…I’m back


– Traveled to the Motherland and spent a glorious yet exhausting two weeks there.

– A couple of days later, Fall classes began. I was immediately back to the grind.

– A few days later, I was offered a TA position and I accepted. I started the very next day.

– Paper number 1: personal career development paper. I had to integrate my codes. I began thinking and questioning (a little) my choice to enter current career track. It did not show up on ANY of my assessments. Surprisingly, physiotherapy continuously surface. I say surprisingly because, back in high school, my hockey obsessed self yearned to be Pavel Bure’s personal physiotherapist. Yes, what was I thinking! He doesn’t even play anymore…hahaha.

– Desperately seeking volunteer client. I struggled to arrange a session with my friend, the volunteer client of choice.

– In the midst of paper number 1 and volunteer client, I decided to get my very first flu shot. Since I volunteer at a hospital, I deemed it wise to choose this time to be my first time. Plus, it was free and the nurse kinda cornered me while I was volunteering.

– Three days later, I experienced for the first time in my life…the flu. I officially had the flu. Instead of celebrating a friend’s birthday, I was stuck at home switching from tshirt to sweater every two minutes and having my voice disappear and reappear an hour later. It was not a pleasant experience and I really really really do not want to get the flu again.

– Due to the unexpected visit from the flu virus, I was unable to schedule a time with my volunteer client so I opted to do it with Mr Shell, who was not very thrilled about it. He has a slight aversion to assessments. Thus, the very first day I felt better, I had an hour mock intake session with Mr Shell.

– With the assessments scored, paper number 2 was in progress.

– This brings us to the present day. I have more room to blog anymore. I am feeling recovered from the flu and in a way, I am back in business. In essence, the mundane and random rants I typically fill my blog with will be on its regular schedule once more.

Now, if only I can catch up on my Google Reader feeds. *sigh*

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