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Happy Halloween



MLB and me

Over the past couple of years, I began following major league baseball more closely primarily because Mr Shell is an avid fan. Initially, baseball never really held my attention because I have always considered it an American game and I did not know anyone who followed it. At one point, I had tendencies to confuse strikes with balls. Nevertheless, Mr Shell has provided me with all the information I needed and I actually enjoy watching the game.

By default, I cannot help but always root for the Blue Jays, the only Canadian team left. It feels a little weird cheering for a team I am not completely familiar with yet the departure of the Expos (I’ve actually seen them play against the Mets once) removed all my options. Thus, it’s inevitable. The Canadian in me will always have a spot for the Jays. On the other hand, Mr Shell is a huge Red Sox fan, which means that I am also a Red Sox fan. To some this may appear to be an issue of autonomy. To me? It’s my way of supporting him on something that he loves. Relationships are about give and take. With regards to this matter, I am more than happy to be doing the giving.

With the present World Series ongoing, I hope the Phillies win because I see them as the underdog even though they are the reigning champions. I perceive them as underdogs because the Yankees have some of the best players their money can buy. In a way, it would be like the Yankees bought the World Series instead of actually winning it. Then again, this is how professional sports is like. Talent = money = champion. Team with the most money will have the most championships. What a faulty system.



I remember taking the MBTI for the very first time. As a second year student who partied a little too hard during her freshman year, I decided to avail of the services offered by the university counseling centre. My main reason? I wanted to ensure that I was on the right path. I typically do not make any rushed decisions; however, I am merely human and succumb to certain doubts every now and again. The code I received at that time was INTJ.

A few years later, I had to take it again for my career counseling class. At first, I forgot that I had already taken the assessment before and it was not until I began writing my paper that I remembered. I admit that my interest was beyond piqued in learning that I went from INTJ to INTP. The consistency of the first three codes showed me its reliability in action yet I was more interested on how I have changed from a moderate score in the judging scale to a slight score in the perceiving end. It seems that my temperament shifted from being organized, with a focus on planning to having a slightly flexible and spontaneous approach to life. Of course, having a slight perceiving score really means that I sway between both sides, but I can’t help and wonder what possible events in my life led to the shift. Maybe my perceiving side was suppressed all these years that it took a few years of independently living by myself before it surfaced. Could it be a specific event that was under the radar yet significant enough to swing the pendulum? The thinker in me can’t help but dwell a little bit on this anomaly. It’s so fascinating to me. In the end, the question becomes which temperament do I associate more now. I would have to say…the perceiving. I still like to ponder my future and make plans, but, at the same time, I have more than 1 plan every time in case life happens. I guess the flexibility that accompanied my maturity allowed me to become less rigid and be more prepared for life and whatever it throws at me.


Really…I’m back


– Traveled to the Motherland and spent a glorious yet exhausting two weeks there.

– A couple of days later, Fall classes began. I was immediately back to the grind.

– A few days later, I was offered a TA position and I accepted. I started the very next day.

– Paper number 1: personal career development paper. I had to integrate my codes. I began thinking and questioning (a little) my choice to enter current career track. It did not show up on ANY of my assessments. Surprisingly, physiotherapy continuously surface. I say surprisingly because, back in high school, my hockey obsessed self yearned to be Pavel Bure’s personal physiotherapist. Yes, what was I thinking! He doesn’t even play anymore…hahaha.

– Desperately seeking volunteer client. I struggled to arrange a session with my friend, the volunteer client of choice.

– In the midst of paper number 1 and volunteer client, I decided to get my very first flu shot. Since I volunteer at a hospital, I deemed it wise to choose this time to be my first time. Plus, it was free and the nurse kinda cornered me while I was volunteering.

– Three days later, I experienced for the first time in my life…the flu. I officially had the flu. Instead of celebrating a friend’s birthday, I was stuck at home switching from tshirt to sweater every two minutes and having my voice disappear and reappear an hour later. It was not a pleasant experience and I really really really do not want to get the flu again.

– Due to the unexpected visit from the flu virus, I was unable to schedule a time with my volunteer client so I opted to do it with Mr Shell, who was not very thrilled about it. He has a slight aversion to assessments. Thus, the very first day I felt better, I had an hour mock intake session with Mr Shell.

– With the assessments scored, paper number 2 was in progress.

– This brings us to the present day. I have more room to blog anymore. I am feeling recovered from the flu and in a way, I am back in business. In essence, the mundane and random rants I typically fill my blog with will be on its regular schedule once more.

Now, if only I can catch up on my Google Reader feeds. *sigh*


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