My Two Cents on Healthcare

All the news about healthcare has made me more inclined to avoid following its stories. Obviously, this is quite a difficult task as it is literally the current topic of choice everywhere. The glimpses that I was privy to really proved that I made a good choice in attempting to avoid this discussion. Don’t get me wrong. My indifference has nothing to do with an uncaring stance towards healthcare. My primary reason for this avoidance is the sheer idiotic conversations and arguments that surface ever so quickly the minute healthcare is brought up. Seriously, universal healthcare does not equate hippies and socialism ran amuck. Many individuals need to realize that the PERFECT system does NOT exist. There are always pros and cons to every plan that will be brought to the table. Nevertheless, it is an issue of attempting to select the choice with the most pros to most individuals while avoiding as much cons to as many people as possible. This is not an easy choice and something I am glad that I do not have to make; however, many choose to focus solely on the negatives of any possible solution that it results in a stagnant system. There is nothing wrong with criticism as long as one is impartial enough to be able to accept wholly the advantages as well. For now, if you have nothing to contribute but complaints, without providing any alternatives or suggestions, and basing your said complaints on conjecture (ie. I spoke to Joe Schmoe from <insert country with universal healthcare> and he had to wait 3 months for a finger surgery so lucky him it didn’t fall off in the 3 months he waited. Universal healthcare will be the death of us all said the MediCare patient), look into yourself and think before you speak. Pollution does not merely refer to smog and a depleting ozone layer. It also refers to asinine discussions that continuously spreads poison to the unknowledgeable and at times gullible. So….Be Green, Think Green and Save the Planet.

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