More to Love

Much like a car wreck, I somehow could not resist watching the second episode of More to Love.  It was the lack of options last week that led to my viewing of the first episode to begin with. Average girls simply seeking their Prince Charming who happens to be an average guy too. I admit my curiosity was slightly piqued by this supposed different twist of the long running The Bachelor. It certainly is a novel concept; however, its novelty cannot overcome the fact that it is pretty much More of the Same Thing.

The show consists of a group of women desperately seeking their dream guy by competing against other women except, this time around, we have a guy who doesn’t have a six pack and women with such low self-esteem that they are highly emotionally labile. On both episodes, there has been at least one woman crying over their body image and nonexistent dating life. One of the contestants has stalker potential as she strongly believes that it was love at first sight when she saw Mr More to Love. Another already began the sabotage move to eliminate the competition while a different girl acts better than everyone because she only “got fat” after high school. Many felt she shouldn’t be there at all since she’s been skinny before. Of course, the show has the token snob who is hated by everyone. In this case though (second episode), her being picked last in the group task was celebrated and she was the only one who had the pleasure of going on an alone date with Mr More to Love.

So, how is this really different from any of the other Bachelor shows? Well, other than the minimal parades of women in bikinis and a form of breakdown in every episode, there really are no differences. Cattiness and hierarchy are clearly myopic to whatever number is displayed on the scale. Their previews are filled with women crying. After the second episode tonight, I have decided to stop watching the show. A part of me just cannot bear watching women, who are already suffering from body image issues and social exclusion, be treated like commodity despite the fact that they joined the show through their own volition.

2 Responses to “More to Love”

  1. 1 genkigrad
    August 9, 2009 at 6:53 am

    Oh my gosh….I watched the opening episode of this show and couldn’t bear to stick with it another week. I even posted something on FB about it. One of the things that got me was all the women getting teary-eyed in their “talk to the camera” segments. Their seemed to be a lot of issues there other than finding a man. I also wish we weren’t so vain as to separate out those who fit a certain image and those who don’t….more to love = more for me to rant about…
    Good on your for making to a second episode … glad you have decided to boycott though, Shell

  2. August 11, 2009 at 6:20 am

    The amount of tears shed in the show is just ridiculous. I actually feel bad for the women and really question their decision to join the show. You did not miss out at all by ignoring the second episode…hehe.

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