Apparently this is slightly old news as it actually happened last week, but I do feel that it merits a post despite the tardiness. Upon watching the evening news today, I was informed that the Arizona Senate has approved a bill that will allow individuals with concealed weapons permits to carry a gun into any of the businesses that serve alcohol. I admit my first reaction to this was…WTF!!! With a 19-8 vote, senators in the state of Arizona actually thought that it is a great idea to combine guns and alcohol – like it’s a duo made in inebriation heaven. Do these senators not read any books detailing the impairments caused by alcohol consumption? Or should I dare ask if they were partaking in happy hour when they voted? Honestly, this is pretty ridiculous.

Now, many individuals are citing the second amendment to support the bill. In my opinion, this is not a second amendment issue. It is a matter of societal responsibilities. Yes, there may be plenty of individuals who will bring a gun to a bar and act responsibly; HOWEVER, there may be as many, if not more, individuals who will be too impaired to either be a responsible gun owner or be responsible enough for their weapon to not allow it to fall on the wrong hands. Looking at a Phoenix AA meeting map alone, they are pervasive that one cannot read the city names anymore. And these are the individuals who decided to seek to combat their addiction. If it requires that many AA meetings, it can be inferred that alcohol should not be taken lightly in this state. How did these senators justify to themselves that the risks posed by a gun in the hands of a drunk person is something to be dismissed? Guns don’t kill people…people drunk people will kill people.

I do hope that the governor vetoes the bill. If she doesn’t, then the prophecy of Idiocracy will come true.

To end this rant —

“We don’t let people drink and drive, why should we let them drink and carry guns?” said Sen. Paula Aboud, D-Tucson, who voted against the bill.

Well said, Sen. Aboud.

2 Responses to “Shooters”

  1. 1 b
    July 14, 2009 at 8:23 am

    Wow I had not heard that, that is crazy! Aren’t there already shootings in clubs from people w/guns that aren’t supposed to have them? Now anyone can have one? scary thought.

  2. July 15, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    b: I know! And yesterday, the governor approved the bill. *sigh* Yet she rejected legalizing the sale of small fireworks. I guess this way one cannot confuse fireworks sounds with gun shots. o_O

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