I’ve been trying to write a post about my first US Canada Day experience; however, watching the movie about the Jackson 5 is completely distracting me from completing any thoughts past 3 sentences. Instead, I’ll attempt to write an abbreviated version as my attention span is slightly unreliable at the moment.

Memories of Canada Day swirled around in my mind all day yesterday. Even though I am not very patriotic, I still felt slightly detached from the event itself. I guess part of it is the fact that there is absolutely zero exposure here. The Blue Jays game was not even televised. I had to catch the highlights to know that they were all wearing Canada jerseys. In a way, this is expected.

Furthermore, Canada Day happens to be the same day as Grams’ birthday so she was on my mind as well. The family had a nice celebration at a restaurant and many of her church family attended. It was a very nice gathering and, despite feeling a little out of place, I still had fun. They were very nice people and they did not treat me like a leper since I do not really go to church. Always a good thing.

Lastly, I finally met one of Mr Shell’s cousins who also happens to live here in Sun City. She is one interesting character. In addition to wearing a dress that was cleavage central, I was informed that she was pretty inebriated throughout the entire dinner. Here I am thinking she is just a loud person. I can only imagine what the church members were thinking.  Oh well.

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