Busy Bee

I have been inundated with assignments and reading this past week in addition to adjusting my schedule to accommodate my Curves trips and yoga classes. Interestingly enough, I may need this week to officially cement these changes to my schedule. I didn’t think that it would take this long, but I guess significant changes like this may take some time.

Quick Updates:

The Curves study…

Within the two weeks that I’ve been going (3 times a week as required), I have noticed little changes primarily with firming and toning. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any noticeable weight loss. I think if I lose any weight it would probably be minimal. The circuit does not provide enough cardio for me to complement the toning it provides. I would have to incorporate a cardio component before heading there which, in my opinion, is not worth the $39/month that they charge. If only they do not require a minimum one year contract then I may be convinced to continue for 6 months. I have been looking around for a gym near me though primarily because the gym in my apartment complex is only sparsely equipped. It only has 2 treadmills and everyone wants to use it so sometimes one would have to wait to hop on. It’s not something I want to deal with especially since my exercise regimen is still in the process of being habitual. I’ve been tossing around the idea of joining the Y as well. Lots of options to consider.

School wise…

I’m really enjoying my Counseling Skills II class. Being able to try all the different interventions is exciting. My prof’s personality and therapeutic techniques matches mine so it’s been easy to relate to her and her teaching style. Also, it solidified my initial choice of theoretical orientation. I am most at ease with utilizing the cognitive and behavioural interventions more than the affective ones. Yes, I will be joining the CBT crew.

TV realm…

A few months ago, I was able to watch about 5 episodes of In Treatment Season 1. Unfortunately, I stopped after that since HBO on Demand changed episodes on me. I’m debating starting to watch it again. Sidenote…I actually remember having a crush on Gabriel Byrnes after I saw The Usual Suspects. Good movie.

A&E also recently came out with a new reality show called Obsessed. Its premise is to show the audience the struggles surrounding individuals suffering from different anxiety disorders and their journey to recovery. Quite similar to Intervention. Its first episode was last week. I’m not quite sure if I like it just yet.

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