Eff you HRLady

phone call 2 weeks ago:

me: Hello HRLady. This is Shell. I am calling about my T4. I still have not received mine and…

HRLady: (interrupts) They were all sent out at the end of February. We have no T4’s in the office anymore. It sometimes takes a while for it to get to you. Wait. Let me pull your info.

me: Okay. Well, I also want to make sure you have my correct address. To my knowledge it was updated since you mailed me my last cheque…

HRLady: (interrupts again) Is it 1234 Screw your t4 street. SunCity 56789?

me: Yes, so you have the right address…

HRLady: (interrupts the 3rd time) YEAH, it takes a while for the mail to get to the US.

me: I know, but I would like to know exactly when it was sent so I have an idea.

HRLady: They were all sent Feb 26. We have none in the office. We have to LEGALLY send them by the end of February.

me: (sighs on the inside) Alright. I’ll just give it a little more time.

HRLady: Okay BYE.

It is now officially April and I still do not have my T4. I just emailed her and even though I only asked her to resend my copy without questioning that they were sent out to begin with, she redundantly replied that they were sent out. She then proceeded to ask me to confirm my address, which I already did (refer to phone call), and she’ll send me a copy. We’ll see how long it will take. She has not heard the last of me. Deadline is April 30 and it is fast approaching.

2 Responses to “Eff you HRLady”

  1. 1 Psych Postdoc
    April 3, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    That sucks, hope it comes soon. Sounds like maybe a lot of people didn’t get theirs.

  2. April 4, 2009 at 12:21 am

    I hope so too. I recently spoke with a couple of friends and they received theirs. I’m not impressed with the company at all!

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