Drugged Up

Due to the hives breakout and extreme itchiness that accompanied it, I have been rendered hostage to benadryl. Much to everyone’s knowledge, benadryl makes one very drowsy. Essentially, I was in a zombie state these past few days. Today is the fifth day and I have a doctor’s appointment. The itchiness isn’t as bad now, but it still comes and goes. The intermittent itchiness is driving me crazy. Calamine lotion only provides temporary relief. I primarily rely on an oatmeal paste; however, a major downside to it is when it dries it flakes off. Before I realized it was falling off, Simon kept following me around as he wanted to eat the oatmeal that was falling off my arms. I had to quarantine myself in the bedroom until it all dries so I can shake it off and vacuum right after. Quite a chore. I’m hoping the doc can shed some light on my allergic reaction. This is the first time I ever had hives in my entire life.

On a different note, this will be my first visit to a US doctor. I have been calling different insurance companies over the past few months to see if I would be qualified for health insurance. I do not like the health insurance offered by the university. Other than it requiring me to pay for the whole year up front (for a ridiculous amount especially to a student), I can only sign up for it either in September or January. It also has a pretty high copay so I decided to shop around. It’s not easy to find health insurance here. Almost every single company I contacted cannot insure an international student. It was a tad frustrating. I was left with either the university health insurance or Blue Cross. These were my only options. Until I saw the No Insurance Club on the news. For 12 visits/year, it only costs $480 with no copays per visit. Of course, it has to be paid up front, but I thought about how many times I actually see my doctor back home and I realized it did not even  come close to 12 visits. I figured this is the best deal. To anyone still seeking for an alternative to the typical health insurance, check out the No Insurance Club and see if they are active in your area.

2 Responses to “Drugged Up”

  1. 1 Mamabeek
    March 28, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Holy moly… your allergy is ferocious! Hope this all passes soon and you work things out with Simon. Poor little guy was only trying to be friendly!

    Congratulations on finishing your paper. =)

  2. March 29, 2009 at 9:05 am

    I know! The corticosteroid prescription helped tremendously. Although the doctor also made me take zyrtac, zantac, and benadryl at night. With 4 drugs, it better do the trick!

    Thanks for the congrats. Hopefully, I didn’t make too many mistakes. This was my first time writing an intake report and treatment plan.

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