Friday the 13th Recap

My trepidation regarding a conversation with my Mom was rendered unwarranted as she opted to not overexaggerate her anxiety this year. Either this or she forgot that I had an evening class that Friday. Regardless, I decided to not bring it up during the conversation. Suffice to say, it went smoothly. On the other hand, the rest of the day proved to be interesting.

Sun City recently added a rail system to their quite deplorable transit system. As a result of this new addition, they removed the bus that I usually took to go to school. I liked having to ride just 1 bus; however, ever since they removed it I had no choice but to take the rail followed by a bus. It’s faster yet more inconvenient. So… much like any of my Friday night classes, I usually leave relatively early in order to avoid any encounters with rush hour traffic. When I arrived at the station, the train was nowhere in sight so I began looking for a chair to sit on. As I was looking, I walked by some random guy who asked me for the time. The polite gal that I am, I took off one of my earbuds, replied, and moved on. BINGO! I found a chair. I maybe sat on the chair for about a minute when random guy, without me realizing, followed me and decided to sit beside me. I’m thinking odd but whatever. I was just going to shrug it off until he started talking. He was talking to me! I pulled out one of my earbuds again to hear what he has to say. I’m thinking did he already forgot what time it is. Nope. Apparently he mistook my reply to his time question as an invitation to hit on me!  Now, being a member of the Asian persuasion, guys hitting on me always start with random guesses of which Asian culture I belong to. This is really annoying and unattractive. I rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses. I was not even close to being interested in conversing with this guy so my “I am bored” tone kicked in which apparently fell on deaf ears since he continued to talk. He eventually asked for my number. I politely (coz  he might be crazy) tell him no which normally would then stop the entire interaction. In this case, he not only continued talking to me….he started SERENADING me. o_ O   At this point, I was ready to hop on the train. WHERE IS THE TRAIN?!?!?! Two minutes go by, he was still singing. Finally, the train arrived and I was saved YET my adventure was not over. I ended up missing my bus so I had to take a cab. Cab driver gives me his number. Awkward! I was forced to accept as I needed him to still take me to school on time. Good thing, he wasn’t driving me home.

I have never been so relieved to arrive at school until that day.

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