Return with Bizarre Foods

After spending the past couple of weeks relaxing and spending quality time with Mr Shell, I’m back into the blog world. Typically, I would sum up the ins and outs of my holiday season and my two weeks of relaxation; however, I’m opting to write what I would normally write if I wasn’t away for a while. Eventually, certain events will be discussed…in due time.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman is one of those shows that I do not really normally follow yet once I encounter it while channel surfing I am drawn to watch it. Mr Shell cannot stand the show as he has squeamish tendencies. Thus, it was dvr to the rescue. Since my gym time this morning was thwarted by a gym key problem, I decided to eat breakfast and watch the episode I recorded. Other than just purely liking the show, I made the extra effort to watch this episode because Andrew Zimmerman travelled to the Philippines. I love Filipino food and am well aware that some dishes are an acquired taste. If I was only old enough to know I was eating a dish wherein the main ingredient was pork blood, I highly doubt I would’ve even tried it. Although in terms of taste, dinuguan is not really gross despite the blood component. I guess it’s a good thing I started eating it when I was only eight.

The episode started with the stereotypical dish, the one that has made more than one appearance in Fear Factor, the balut. Personally, I have never eaten it myself. I just could not bear crunching into the duck embryo. I remember my Dad offering it to me multiple times when I was young. All it would take for me was to see the beak and the underdeveloped wings and legs and I automatically cringed. Andrew Zimmerman, on the other hand, delved into it without reservations. Maybe my boldness will increase enough in the future that I can actually make myself try it. Eventually.

For the next half hour, the host spent most of his time eating a variety of street food ranging from the well-known barbecued chicken feet to a twist on something already established, deep-fried balut. He also tried this shrimp pancake that he described as “cornflake pancakes with eyes.” Yeah, I do not think I would be trying that anytime time soon. Interspersed with the street food adventure, he visited a couple of restaurants. One of them served him the infamous Soup #5. Growing up I would only hear about this soup in terms of jokes or in conversations between my dad and friends when they’re drinking. I cannot recall the specifics, but, at some point, I found out what the main ingredient is, cow testicles. Supposedly, it is an aphrodisiac and a healing soup akin to chicken noodle soup. My reaction to that would just have to be a nod and a smile. I would need to grow huge balls of my own to try it. Another dish served to him contained these huge white worms cooked adobo style. Now, I like adobo style cooking, BUT I do not think I am ready to cross this line yet. Based on his reaction, I highly doubt he’ll be eating it again too. To continue with his worm theme, he ended the show eating fresh, live mangrove worms. Local guys were extracting the worms directly from the wood they were residing in, all in front of him. At first, he was hesitant but was convinced to try a little piece. He liked it! He proceeded to eat about two more whole worms. Once again, I am not ready to include worms in my diet just yet. Or to clarify, purposely incorporate worms in my diet. o_O

Along with the “interesting” food that was introduced in the show, there was one that peaked my craving. They call it Banana-Q Banana-que. It is essentially deep fried bananas with this brown sugar coating on a stick. I may try making it at some point. I do not have a good track record in making Filipino dishes though, but I may tackle it anyway. Recently, I was able to make a decent lechon kawali, minus the pork skin and oven roasted instead of fried. Maybe I’m on a streak? We’ll see.

Lastly, GO EAGLES and CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!

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