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When Ignored, Insult

Backstory: Olga meets Dmitri. They spoke for around two minutes. Olga gives her business card to Dmitri.

Hilarity ensues.

Nothing beats insinuations of psychological disorders to charm a woman!



I was reading the recent octuplets story this morning. Initially, I thought it would be a heartwarming story instead I was dumbfounded by the sheer ridiculousity of the whole situation.

Eight kids = eight questions…

1. Why did you get fertility treatments?  (mom already has 6 kids, including a set of twins)

2. How were you able to afford this? (mom and kids lives with parents, mom’s dad planning on going back to Iraq and work in order to help support the extra eight mouths)

3. Where’s the baby-daddy or baby- daddies? (single mom of 6 kids + now 8 infants)

4. What kind of fertility treatment did you get? (in-vitro or fertility drugs)

5. Was your fertility doctor aware that you already gave birth to 6 kids? (willing conspirator or unknowing physician)

6. Who is this fertility doctor? (ethics, ethics, ethics)

7. What do you do for a living? (student vs part-time worker vs full-time career)

8. Did you consider adoption? (14 mouths to feed is a lot!)

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Link 2

I am glad that the eight babies are doing well though.


Feel Good Thursday

Courtesy of Soulmate

Courtesy of Cupcakes

Lastly, one of my favourites


Haunted Computer???

Last night, Mr Shell was tinkering with my computer as his computer needs a new ram or memory or something. He installed some software and surfed his sites without any hassle when out of nowhere it froze. Of course, everyone knows one just needs to restart the computer and it should then fix itself. This was when the bizarreness started. As it restarted, a DOS screen popped up informing me it was not detecting one of my drives. Hmmm. I let it finish and opted to restart it again. I figured it was simply a glitch. Restart #2 commenced. For the second time, same drive was undetected. I had no idea which drive it was so I was hoping it was not something essential. I proceeded to insert a dvd onto my dvd drive. Bingo! That was the undetected drive! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. I fetched the installation cd with plans of reinstalling the driver. Yeah, it’s not happening. I actually only have one drive…ONE. I probably did not think I needed a second one when I initially purchased the computer. I figured why spend money on a second one when I have an all-in-one drive. So installing the driver plan went out the window. At this point, Mr Shell offered to buy me a new drive as he felt partially to blame. Therefore, I resigned to accommodating said future purchase on our budget. Thirty minutes go by and Mr Shell decided to restart the computer again – somehow on a whim. Anyway, computer was restarted and for some unknown reason it detected the driver this time around. What?!?!?!?! Yeah, I had no explanation. All I know is that now I have a functional drive again and that my good ol computer finally decided to recognize my driver. I guess the third time was the charm. *shrugs* Sometimes, computers are such $hit disturbers.


Gung Hei Fat Choy

Year of the Ox.

Resolution for this New Year: get rid of one of my credit cards especially the one with a high interest rate and charges me an annual fee. One of the rare times that the fine print beat me. Well, the plan is to close it by March. *cross fingers*


Etiquette of Thanks

Typically, I only hand out Christmas cards to friends; however, this year, I decided to go the extra mile and start mailing Christmas cards to everyone near and far. It was a nice feeling to send them out and let friends know that I am thinking of them during the season. Of course, I sent them without any expectations of a card in return. I did this because I wanted to. Some of the cards I mailed to bestfriends and close friends, some to close school friends. Definitely, they were sent to people who I have always been in contact with – ranging from IM’s to txt msges to facebook to emails. Contact is there and established. Or so I thought. Fast forward to today, I am now one irritated person. It is the end of January and two cards remain unaccounted for. By unaccounted, I mean recepients did not even bother to inform me they received my cards. Granted I am not expecting nor do I want a big parade or a huge expression of gratitude, all I want is for them to acknowledge that the card was received. A simple thanks would even suffice. I do not even care if it is sent via MSN or if it’s a brief thank you text. Acknowledge that the card was read and that you at least appreciate the thought and well wishes that was sent with the card. Is this too much to ask? I do not think so. Personally, I do not think I am expecting a lot either. If I received a card from someone, I would definitely make sure that I let them know that the piece of paper they sent  is appreciated and that I was glad they thought of me. I guess do unto others does not quite work in this scenario. I mentioned this at another blog and a fellow commenter informed me that etiquette-wise one is not obligated to reply to Christmas cards only to Christmas presents. I do not agree with this statement. In my opinion, a reply is warranted for both – maybe not to the same extent ie. a simple thanks for a card and maybe a thank you note for a present. Refusing to give a simple gesture of thanks is just plain rude!


Cellphone Transition

My introduction to the QWERTY keyboard was the first version of the Motorola Q. Other than the keyboard, it was a disappointing phone. Much like the Windows experience, it either froze or crashed when too many applications are open. It even froze from just handling msn messenger all day. Also, typical to the Motorola brand, the battery life was atrocious. I stuck with it for slightly over a year with hopes that updates will fix it. It never did. Luckily, I moved so that was the end of my horrific Q experience.

The move to Sun City ended up costing more than expected so getting a new cellphone was out of reach for the first few months. I settled for my US phone, which had the regular keyboard. I had to get accustomed to regular texting again. Chatting on it was even very tedious. To make matters worse, I spilled water on it so it encountered reception problems. I needed a new phone soon.

Finally, I managed to lay my Nokia to rest. I was tempted by the Samsung touchtone phone as it looked so sleek and stylish yet I opted for the Blackberry Curve  8330 8320. I contemplated waiting for the release of the new Curve (8900), but realized that I cannot bear to spend that much money on it. I checked out reviews comparing both models and the primary advantages of the 8900 are the higher resolution screen and a slightly faster processor. Neither of these sold me on spending the extra $$$. I did splurge on a skin though.

So far, I am very impressed with the simplicity and ease of use of the Blackberry. The fact that it picks up wifi is an added plus. I’m actually a little upset with myself for waiting this long to try it. I should’ve just skipped the Moto all together. Now, I’m in the process of adding applications such as Google Reader. I can’t wait!


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