Politics has never been my forte. My political interest consists of reading the paper, watching the news, and surfing the internet; however, lately, I have been following it more closely than usual. It started about a week ago when the Canadian government officially declared the economy to be in recession. It did not come as a huge surprise to me since the Cdn dollar has been ridiculously low for the past 2 months. A week goes by, I really did not think the situation could get worse in a week. Yeah, I was wrong. Non-confidence happened. A coalition was organized. More yelling…more smearing. Basically, everything occurred when I decided to skip the news. Fast forward to today. Globe and Mail reports that Harper is meeting Governor General Jean today hoping that she will approve his request to prorogue the government. I do not agree with a prorogation. This just seems like a ploy to delay the inevitable. I also do not think the coalition government is the best choice, but at this point, I would rather have that than a government focused on yelling at each other instead of dealing with the issues. My solution, if it is even feasible, is to give the coalition a chance to govern temporarily and call an election later on in the year. Maybe in August or September. I know another election is a pain, but so what? I would rather go through an election again than have to deal with the bickering that is going on right now.

UPDATE: Gov. Gen. Jean agreed to prorogue the Parliament until Jan. 26. Accordingly, this will provide Harper more time to assemble his economic plan. In the mean time, apparently Cdns will just have to sit and wait while he figures it out? when he should’ve figured this out already?  UGH!!!

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