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Fat Welcome

Society has always been ruthless in propagating the ideal physical form a woman must have or achieve. As a woman, you must arm yourself appropriately so as not to succumb to the societal pressures. However, there is that one aspect that always gets to me. It’s not the societal pressure of being thin but it’s the added cultural pressure of being the right “size” that chips away at my armour. One of the things I dread about the holidays is when I see family and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is either that I gained weight or I lost weight. ALWAYS. Granted, there are a few who refuse to bring it up because of how rude it is, but I also have the ones who always just cannot seem to keep their mouths shut. I’ m a little irritated right now because as always it happened again this year. To make matters worse, I was actually welcomed by it. This is a first. Typically, my mom will say something to me probably halfway through my visit, but this time was different. The first thing that came out of her mouth, AT THE AIRPORT, was that I gained weight. Yes, I get it. I know. I probably gained about 8-10 lbs this year compared to last year. I know I need to go back to the gym. I know I need to start doing yoga again. Yet, is this how I should be welcomed? I am not impressed. If this is already what my mom is saying, Christmas Eve with the rest of the family will be even more fun. The fat police will be there. I will be getting fat citations left right and centre. It will be one festive night! Unfortunately, Santa cannot magically turn me into the typical petite 100 lb Asian overnight.


Christmas meme

Last week was spent recovering from the flu and studying for my finals. These past couple of days were devoted to baking and wrapping the baked goodies to be handed out to friends. Due to this hecticness, I am taking the easy way out. Here’s my first blog meme.

5. Name five favourite Christmas songs.

– all I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey

– last Christmas by WHAM

– 12 days of Christmas

– the first noel

– I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus

4. Name four gifts you plan to buy bought for others.

– House dvd set

– bath and body works products

– magazine subscription

– electric toothbrush

3. Name three things you would like for Christmas

– a new desk

– a laptop

– an ipod shuffle

2. What two places do you plan to be during Christmas?

– it will be either at my Aunt’s house or at my parents’ house depending on who decides to host the family Christmas party

1. What is one important person, place, or thing you love about Christmas?

– despite the possible drama that could arise at any moment during family events I still look forward to spending Christmas with my family. it is the one time of the year that I get to spend time with my parents.

*** part of RBJ December Collaboration Project ***


my Christmas bars: (yes, I’m pretty horrible at cutting squares evenly)


In the Spirit of Christmas

courtesy of xkcd


Theraflu = Poem

Sleeping was somehow difficult for me last night so I decided to lull the myriad of thoughts racing in my mind by putting them on paper. Keep in mind, I am not a poet. The last time I wrote a poem was for English 12. That was so long ago.

Untitled – Dec 2008


Task unfinished.

Irresponsibility fluorished.

Winds provided no answer.

No comprehension. Full understanding.


Slowly gaining power.

Paralyzed with fear. Paralyzed with inadequacy.

Self-doubt reared its ugly head.

Questions of ability OR inability.

Knowledge lost. Intelligence distorted.

Appearance is fake?


Empty promises. Broken promises.


Strength nonexistent.

Refuge in solitude.

Movement. Change in scenery.




…this pretty much describes me right now…

…but this always makes me smile…



Politics has never been my forte. My political interest consists of reading the paper, watching the news, and surfing the internet; however, lately, I have been following it more closely than usual. It started about a week ago when the Canadian government officially declared the economy to be in recession. It did not come as a huge surprise to me since the Cdn dollar has been ridiculously low for the past 2 months. A week goes by, I really did not think the situation could get worse in a week. Yeah, I was wrong. Non-confidence happened. A coalition was organized. More yelling…more smearing. Basically, everything occurred when I decided to skip the news. Fast forward to today. Globe and Mail reports that Harper is meeting Governor General Jean today hoping that she will approve his request to prorogue the government. I do not agree with a prorogation. This just seems like a ploy to delay the inevitable. I also do not think the coalition government is the best choice, but at this point, I would rather have that than a government focused on yelling at each other instead of dealing with the issues. My solution, if it is even feasible, is to give the coalition a chance to govern temporarily and call an election later on in the year. Maybe in August or September. I know another election is a pain, but so what? I would rather go through an election again than have to deal with the bickering that is going on right now.

UPDATE: Gov. Gen. Jean agreed to prorogue the Parliament until Jan. 26. Accordingly, this will provide Harper more time to assemble his economic plan. In the mean time, apparently Cdns will just have to sit and wait while he figures it out? when he should’ve figured this out already?  UGH!!!


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