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Thanksgiving Top Ten

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I love eating and trying out new cuisine. I love appreciating and enjoying the experiences society has associated with food. Thus, my thanksgiving post focuses on food (obviously), the company I shared it with, and a little bit of everything in between.

10. Leftovers. Need I say more???

9. Stuffing versus dressing. All night, I kept calling it stuffing and Mr Shell kept telling me it’s dressing. I never heard of dressing before so I was a smidge confused. Finally, I decided to google it. Baking Bites clarified it for me. The dressing served last night had a cornbread base which is something new to me. Now, I love corn so no complaints for me, but at this point, I think I still prefer stuffing.

8. Rain. Normally, I do not like rain; however, waking up to rain yesterday was nostalgic for me. It reminded me of the days spent at my parents’ house in Rain City. November in Rain City is typically rainy and cloudy and yes, gloomy. And now that my parents and I are celebrating the same Thanksgiving again it really made me think about the good ol days. Also, the rain made the temperature drop so it provided the perfect cool weather that I am used to. I was able to wear my favourite turtleneck!

7. Mashed potatoes…with sour cream. Another first for me. It was the creamiest mashed potatoes I ever had. It just melted in my mouth. I guess Soulmate is right; sour cream really IS the secret sauce to many recipes. I may give it a try the next time I decide to make real mashed potatoes.

6. While waiting for the dinner, I kept myself busy by leafing through the store flyers for black friday. I don’t really know the origins of black friday, but I do think that from a business perspective it is the appropriate time to have a massive sale. It doesn’t get any better than right before christmas to start christmas shopping off in style. As for me, I decided to not battle the crowds for any of the doorbusters.

5. As much as the Lions were trampled by the Titans, that most people probably stopped watching the game all together by halftime, I do not see anything wrong with keeping the Lions tradition. Tradition is tradition regardless of how crappy the team is doing. The Cowboys-Seahawks game was boring as well. I was looking forward to the Eagles-Cardinals game. I thought the Cardinals had a chance to at least tie the game up until the Boldin fumble on the third quarter. I’m glad the Eagles played well as I am a McNabb fan; however, I just hope the Cardinals do not blow this chance to win the division.  Just one more game. ONE.

4. Mystery salad. The last time I saw Grams eat it I thought it was some jello mix for her diabetes. I did not bother asking about it. Last night, she was eating it again for dessert but this time it’s green. I must’ve looked at it much longer than I planned because Neere asked me if I wanted some. Of course, before jumping into a pool one needs to know how deep it is first. It contained lime jello, cottage cheese, pineapple, and mayo (I think). Now, this does not sound yummy at all; yet to my surprise, it was quite good. It was a light dessert to finish off a heavy meal. I would definitely have it again.

3. I like crunchy things. I prefer crunchy cheetos over the puffs. I prefer thin, crunchy fries over steak fries. I like to crunch. The dinner rolls served last night were just that. Every roll had a nice crust with a buttery centre. It wasn’t soft and mushy. It reminded me of the rolls served at Texas Roadhouse Restaurants minus the sweetness. For the first time, I chose the roll over the stuffing dressing.

2. Fried turkey. The first time I heard about this I was quite baffled. I slightly had a difficult time picturing a whole turkey being deep fried. I never even heard of a whole chicken deep fried! Yet, I was very curious and excited. It was something novel and my palate could not wait to try it. I tried the dark meat first. It was the most succulent turkey dark meat that I have ever tasted. It was juicy and surprisingly, not greasy. The meat did not taste like it was deep fried. Impressive. Of course, the experience was not complete without the white meat. It was even more impressive than the dark meat! If I have never tried white meat before and this was the first time, I never would equate white meat with the word dry. It was tender, juicy, and very tasty. I don’t think I can go back to oven roasted turkey again.

1. Aside from being a virtual nomad, I have been quite a real-life nomad as well. I usually spend Thanksgiving with family or friends depending on where I am at that moment; however, for the past couple of years, when I was living in Windy City, I was spending Thanksgiving by myself. Partly because I did not know anyone in the city and whoever I knew I did not feel close enough to spend Thanksgiving with. Thus, it was really nice to spend this Thanksgiving not only with Mr Shell but with Mr Shell’s family. I was very happy to spend my first American Thanksgiving with them.

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Home for Now

I’m a virtual nomad. This is the fourth blog I set up in three years. Blogspot was the first destination. Impressively, I was relatively consistent in posting until life caught up. I stopped writing for many months. When I felt that life has calmed down, I decided to start fresh – two new blogs at blogspot and vox. I guess two blogs was a bit too much for me. After 3 months, I faded from both of them. This was a year ago. Now, I started to revive my vox blog; however, I am unhappy with their layout. Consequently, I joined wordpress. So far, I am quite content with what this site has to offer. I am also able to find and add blogs I used to read. I’m optimistic that I may be here to stay. Only time can tell, I guess.


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